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Welcome to the home of Quiltech Imaging on the web. Here at Quiltech our professional team has solutions for all of your data storage, collection and retrieval needs.

Cut your paper storage costs and gain fast access to your documents with our information storage and retrieval applications. Our products are based around Adobe® PDF (Portable Document Format) which is perfect for storing your scanned documents and archiving computer data.

Our scanning software has been designed to address all the problems we have encountered in the imaging business over 35 years. Simplex and Duplex, to A3 in size, automatic generation of filename to ensure no duplication of files, single page and multi page options, indexing during scanning, or at a separate workstation using our data entry software.

Quiltech Imaging offers outsourcing services for electronic document download, file conversion, data entry and scanning services. Local solution, we don’t send your images offshore for processing.

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